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The Magic Magnetic Number

One of the questions we frequently encounter from lash lovers is, "How many coats of magnetic eyeliner do I need?" The answer might surprise you: in most cases, you only need one!

The beauty of magnetic eyeliner is its effectiveness with just a single application. A well-formulated magnetic eyeliner, like Whipped Lash™, is designed to provide a strong magnetic bond with your lashes in one coat. Here's how to achieve the best results: 1. A Single Even Coat: Start by applying a single, even coat of magnetic eyeliner along your upper lash line. Ensure that the liner is evenly distributed and not too thick or too thin. Allow it to dry for the recommended time, which is typically around two minutes. 2. Magnetic Lash Placement: Once your magnetic eyeliner is dry, it's time to place your magnetic lashes. The magnets on the lashes will securely attach to the dry eyeliner, creating a strong bond that keeps your lashes in place. 3. Fine-Tune and Adjust: After placing your lashes, you can use a tweezer to make minor adjustments for comfort and alignment. Once you're satisfied with the placement, your magnetic lashes should stay in position throughout the day or night.

Overloading with multiple coats of magnetic eyeliner can actually have the opposite effect and make your lashes less secure. It's not necessary and may lead to clumping or a messy application.

So, when it comes to magnetic eyeliner, remember: less is more. A well-executed single coat provides all the magnetism you need to rock your magnetic lashes with confidence and style. It's all about keeping it simple, effective, and fabulous! magnetic lashes with liner magnetic.lashes lash magnet magnet lashes best magnetic eyelashes lash extensions long island envious lashes long island lashes long island lash boutique long island lash and brow bar long island lash long island long island lashes where to find magnetic lashes on long island easy fake lashes easy lashes easy fan lash extensions easy eye lashes easy magnetic lashes best easy false lashes are false lashes reusable reusable lashes are magnetic lashes reusable are fake lashes reusable lash extension aftercare how to take care of lash extensions eye lash extensions eye lashes extension near me different types of lash extensions lash extensions at home lash extensions NYC best lash extensions classic wispy lash extensions removing lash extensions what are lash extensions how long do lash extensions last can you wear eyeliner with lash extensions magnetic eyeliner volume lash extension natural lash extension mascara for lash extensions lash extensions Miami long lash extensions lower lash extensions cat eye lash extensions DIY lash extensions can you put mascara on lash extensions eyeliner for lash extensions how to clean lash extensions lash extension set lash extensions ny

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