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The Mascara Dilemma: Can You Wear Mascara Under Magnetic Lashes?

The world of makeup is filled with endless possibilities and choices, and one common question that often arises is whether you can wear mascara under magnetic eyelashes. Let's explore this beauty conundrum and find the answer.

The Great Mascara Debate

Many lash lovers wonder if they can still wear mascara if they are also wearing our magnetic eyelashes. The answer is... YES! You can apply mascara to your natural lashes prior to applying the magnetic eyeliner and lashes. Applying mascara before magnetic lashes is a great way to help the magnetic lashes blend in with your natural lashes.

Can I apply mascara directly to the magnetic lashes?

No, you should not apply mascara directly to the false lashes because this can cause build-up and damage to the lashes. Our magnetic lashes are reusable, so to preserve the reusability of the lashes, we recommend only applying mascara to your natural lashes. Some extra tips for applying mascara to your natural lashes:

  1. Use a Waterproof Mascara: Opt for a waterproof mascara to prevent smudging or running throughout the day. This ensures that your mascara stays in place and your lashes stay stunning.

  2. Curl Your Natural Lashes: Before applying mascara, consider using an eyelash curler to give your natural lashes a slight lift. This can help your natural lashes blend effortlessly with the magnetic lashes and create a lash look that lasts all day.

  3. Apply Mascara Sparingly: When applying mascara to your natural lashes, apply it sparingly. Too much mascara can lead to clumping, which may interfere with the smooth application of your magnetic lashes. Start with a thin coat and build up as needed to achieve your desired look.

Mascara is the finishing touch that adds that extra spice to your lash game. By applying it to your natural lashes, you can enhance their length, volume, and definition, creating a seamless blend with your magnetic lashes. Beauty is all about personal expression, and it's your canvas to paint with magnetic lashes and mascara. With the help of mascara and magnetic lashes, elevate your lash game today!

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